BBN’s Chichi says with photos while wearing an open-chest outfit, “Don’t Say That You Miss Me Just Come And Get Me”

Written by fazazy39

Chichi, a former Big Brother Naija contestant, recently posted a photo on Instagram showcasing her attractiveness for her followers. She enjoys showcasing her attractiveness in various costumes on social media, and this time she did the same by showing up in a lovely attire. Many of her followers who saw the post, including former BBN star Nini, were compelled to comment and express their opinions about it.

A recent Instagram post by Chichi, a former Big Brother Naija competitor, demonstrates her appeal to her admirers. She enjoys using social media to display her attractiveness in various outfits, and this time she did the same by turning up in a stunning outfit. When her fans viewed the tweet, many of them felt obliged to remark and share their thoughts on it, including former BBN star Nini.

This time, she showed up wearing a fashionable short and a dress with an exposed chest. She applied beautiful makeup to her face that complemented the color of her skin. She presented herself in an exquisite look that highlighted her beauty. She donned blue bags and high heels as she posed for the photos on a couch.

After seeing her latest post, BBN star Nini responded immediately by stating, “Blue me away.” This response demonstrates that her colleague values her new position, as evidenced by her complimentary comment.

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