Responses to DJ Jazzy correcting a fan on the distinction between an artist and an artiste

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian record producer Michael Collins Ajereh, better known by his stage as Don Jazzy, recently interacted with a fan on Twitter, which has left his followers and social media users buzzing. Oriretan Honour, a fan, enlightened Don Jazzy on the distinctions between “artist” and “artiste,” two terms that are sometimes used synonymously in the music business.

According to Oriretan Honour’s tweet, a “artiste” is someone who performs arts like singing or dancing, whereas a “artist” creates static arts like sketching or painting. The supporter advised Don Jazzy to use a dictionary and learn the distinction so he could explain it to others.

Don Jazzy offered a succinct yet respectful reply to Oriretan Honor’s tweet. He merely said, “Ok, I get it now, thanks,” in response. Fans and social media users have responded to this response by praising Don Jazzy’s humility and openness to learning.

One of the major record labels in Nigeria, Mavin Records, founded by Don Jazzy, has given birth to some of the biggest musical performers in the nation. He is well known for his remarkable musical producing abilities and has received numerous honors for his contributions to the Nigerian music scene.

The way Don Jazzy responded to Oriretan Honor’s correction demonstrates that even successful people are capable of growing and learning. It serves as a reminder to us all that, no matter how successful we become, we should constantly be looking for ways to grow and develop.

In conclusion, Don Jazzy has received praise from his fans and social media users for his response to Oriretan Honor’s tweet reprimanding him for using the terms “artiste” and “artist” incorrectly. This response revealed that Don Jazzy is a humble and eager learner. No matter how successful we are, we should all remember that we can always learn new things and get better.

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