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How to stay longer during sex

Written by fazazy39

There are ways to put off discharge if you want to extend the duration of your sexual encounter.

The Semans’ stop-start strategy is one such method, claims Healthline. When you feel like you’re almost at peak, temporarily halt all stimulation of sexual activity until the impulse passes. Anybody wishing to extend their discharge time can employ this strategy.

The squeezing procedures used by the Johnsons and Masters are another approach to attempt. To lessen the need, do this by lightly pressing the male organ’s tip for a few seconds shortly before discharge.

Both approaches can be useful for practicing discharge control and could result in more satisfying sex between you and your partner. Finding what works best for you and your spouse requires open communication.

Also, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles has been linked to better discharge management and a longer lifespan, according to research. Squeeze the muscles that you employ to stop yourself from urinating and hold the contraction for a few seconds before letting go to perform these exercises. Many times a day, repeat this.

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