“Happily, Somberly, Chubby, Fit, Furious, Razzy, Cultured” A lover will still adore you no matter what. Cuppy argues

Written by fazazy39

Cuppy is a woman who is so dependent on love that she frequently takes great pleasure in posting pictures of her romantic relationships online whenever the situation calls for it. In a recent post, the gorgeous singer makes the statement that “someone who truly loves you will fall in love with every form of you.” Joyful, depressed, overweight, in shape, angry, razz, cultured, popping, and cancelled. They need to love them all because they love you all. Tweeted she.

Looking at her tweet, it is clear that Cuppy struck the mark, making her point in a way that is completely comprehensible. She provided a wonderful illustration of what true love must undoubtedly look like.

There is no denying that she is telling the truth; love is a feeling that develops without allowing any limitations to stand in the way of how it progresses; those who are in love make sure they don’t let themselves down by any flaws; they frequently make sure they are united by what binds them together, which is the genuine feeling they share for one another.

Picture source: the Twitter page for Cuppy.

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