Chelsea Names a Fresh Manager

Written by fazazy39

Up until the completion of the current campaign, Frank Lampard will lead Chelsea.

At Stamford Bridge, Lampard is revered as a club legend. In 2019, he was hired as Chelsea’s head coach after making his managerial debut.

Many of the players who played for Frank’s Chelsea the first time around will be crucial to Lampard’s plan for the team. Lampard will be aware of how he wants Chelsea to look. Only a few days remain before the first leg of the decisive Champions League matchup versus Real Madrid in Spain.

“I didn’t expect to be back as Chelsea manager,” LAMPARD said.

I didn’t think I’d sit in this seat again. I’m a self-assured individual that wants to work hard and comprehend the game. The idea that I’d someday return to managing Chelsea was not the first thing that crossed my mind.

Not unresolved issues. Now that I’m here in a different era, all I want to do is succeed as much as I can. It simply seems a little bit Hollywood, this unfinished business.

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