How I felt performing one month after my son’s passing – Davido

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Davido, a well-known musician from Nigeria, just released his newest studio album, Timeless. He went to The Beat 99.9FM to promote the record and his new songs and spoke about a variety of subjects, including his historic World Cup performance from the previous year.

In addition to playing on a large stage, Davido’s World Cup performance was noteworthy since it was his first since the devastating death of his son, Ifeanyi, two months earlier. Davido discussed in the interview how challenging it was for him to begin rehearsals just one month after the death of his son. He also talked about his emotions throughout the performance and the entire event.

Davido thanked his followers for their support during his difficult moments during the conversation. He also described using music as a coping mechanism and emotional outlet. Davido went into more detail about the performance’s significance and how it helped him heal.

In conclusion, Davido’s most recent album, Timeless, has been causing a stir in the music industry. During an interview with The Beat 99.9FM, he discussed his historic World Cup performance and how music has helped him deal with challenges in his life.

Davido described how it felt to perform at one of the largest stages in the world—the World Cup—so soon after the death of his kid.

DAVID: It’s crazy. We performed the official theme song for the FIFA draw, which took place about a year ago. I believe there were at least 5, 6, but that was the first. The atmosphere was cool at the time, but I didn’t really think, “Oh, they’re going to invite me back to do the World Cup,” or anything like. Later on, as the World Cup drew near, I believe they started communicating with my management, saying things like, “Well, we want David to come down.”

Therefore, it simply said, “Ah!” Do I need to do it? But then I realized that this is a chance that might not come around again, and other individuals may never even receive it in their entire career. I thought, “Wow, I bet my son would want me to do that.” Okay, I’ll probably finish this one, then simply vanish once more, I thought. We traveled to Qatar and descended. The production, my brother, seemed to indicate that we had done no labor at all. Hey, that performance shook us up, so we’re going to be doing some insane things when we start performing again. Wonderful experience. Salute to the incredibly loving Qatari people. really kind, lovely individuals.They looked after us the entire time. With what happened to me, I believe that was one of the best places I could have gone.

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