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Callie Marie Rivers, an exceptional athlete and former American volleyball player, was born on September 17, 1989. It’s easy to say that since she was born to NBA star and coach Doc Rivers, athletic prowess runs in her family. But it wasn’t simply her ancestry that provided her an advantage; she had a natural talent for sports that she developed as she grew up.

It’s safe to say that Rivers was born with a talent for sports. But it wasn’t simply her ancestry that provided her an advantage; she had a natural talent for sports that she developed as she grew up.

Callie Rivers made headlines in the sporting world while attending Winter Park High School in Florida. She broke a lot of records while playing volleyball for the school, which helped them win several state titles. When she was named the Florida Gatorade High School Player of the Year, her extraordinary talent was acknowledged.

Callie Rivers continued her athletic career at the University of Florida after graduating from high school. She was unstoppable on the court, making the AVCA All-America First Team as a senior after setting numerous records as a rookie. She even spent a year competing for Leonas de Ponce, a professional team.

Her volleyball career had to come to an end, though, as with all wonderful things. She made the decision to leave competitive athletics early, but she continues to appear frequently in the news and at social gatherings. She also shares a kid, Carter Lynn Curry, with NBA player Seth Curry, with whom she is happily married.

Callie Rivers’ love of athletics endures after her retirement from volleyball. Despite the fact that she is no longer participating on the court, her influence on sports will definitely be felt for years to come.


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Childhood & Education

The daughter of NBA great and coach Doc Rivers and Kirsten Rivers, Callie Rivers was born on September 17, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia. Her older brother, Austin Rivers, and her two younger brothers, Jeremiah Rivers and Spencer Rivers, are all extremely accomplished professional basketball players.

Callie Rivers’ early interest in athletics is hardly surprising given her family’s lengthy history in basketball. She learned how to play volleyball while growing up by seeing her father play. She demonstrated her sporting prowess at Florida’s Winter Park High School, where she set numerous records and assisted her team in capturing numerous state titles.

At the University of Florida, where she studied, Callie Rivers continued to dominate the volleyball court. She broke a lot of records as a freshman, and as a senior, she was chosen for the AVCA All-America First Team. She spent a year playing professionally with the club Leonas de Ponce after graduating from college.

Even though she had a stellar athletic career, Callie Rivers finally gave up playing competitive sports. She continues to be a prominent character in the media and now likes attending social events with her daughter and husband, NBA star Seth Curry.


Callie Rivers grew up in a family that valued athletic abilities greatly. Her father, Doc Rivers, played in the NBA in the past and has coached a number of elite teams. Therefore it’s hardly surprising that she developed a passion for sports early on. While she was a senior at Florida’s Winter Park High School, she started her athletic career by playing volleyball for the team. She was not only naturally good at it, but she also contributed to her school’s resounding victories. She took over in just three seasons, during which time the school won six Class A state championships.

Callie Rivers not only achieved success but also carved a name for herself by setting career-high school records. Her statistics read 1394 kills, 2356 attempts, and 184.5 blocks. She finished third overall, second for digs, and second for aces. Her academic year ended on a high note as he was crowned Florida’s Gatorade High School Player of the Year. She actively represented her state and city while she was a student on many forums.

Callie Rivers represented the USA Junior National A2 Team in volleyball during the USA Junior Olympic Games, and in 2006, the USA High-Performance Championships named her the competition’s most valuable player. Her undergraduate athletic career was made possible by these accolades.

Callie Rivers continued to play volleyball after enrolling at the University of Florida in 2007. The highlight of her college career occurred during her senior year when she was named to the AVCA All-America First Team, but she reached even greater heights in her third year when she made the AVCA All-America Third Team. As a freshman in that year, she set the bar high, recording the fourth-highest kills per game average (2.71), and the fifth-highest points per game average (3.29), in school history. She received an honorable mention in the AVCA All-America list for her efforts during the season, and her performances were important to the team’s 2008 SEC title victory.

Callie Rivers joined Leonas de Ponce, her first professional volleyball team in the Liga de Voleibol Superior Femenino, after graduating. She only participated for a year before deciding to give up playing. She has been constantly watched by the media ever since, and her star hasn’t stopped shining.

In all of her social media channels, she has a sizable following for her private life and extended family. She also dabbled in modeling, taking part in a photo shoot for Mariah Woodson’s recently launched swimwear line, Kiwi Plum. Callie Rivers was one of the NBA stars and their offspring who posed for the company.

Personal Life

It is no secret that Callie Rivers has been involved in a number of high-profile romances with seasoned players, and the media has undoubtedly been closely monitoring her personal life.

It’s obvious that Callie Rivers has a thing for sports stars from her previous romantic liaisons with people like Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Dexter Strickland, and Brandon Spikes. But, after she wed NBA player Seth Curry on Valentine’s Day of 2019, things have calmed down for her.

The union of two people and the beginning of a family is always joyful, and Callie Rivers and Seth Curry are relishing every second of their journey together. Prior to their wedding, the couple’s love story had already began to take shape when they brought their darling daughter Carter Lynn Curry into the world in May of 2018.

Although Callie Rivers’ love life may have once piqued the wrong kind of public curiosity, it is now obvious that she has found true happiness with Seth and their lovely kid.

Gross Value

There are several estimations of Callie Rivers’ net worth floating around, but the majority of them place it around $2 million. A somewhat arbitrary estimate, net worth can change depending on things like income, investments, and expenses.

Callie Rivers, a successful athlete in her own right and the daughter of former NBA players and coaches, has probably made a good living from a variety of endeavors, including her volleyball career, modeling, and social media sponsorships. It’s important to keep in mind, too, that over time, living expenditures and other costs can deplete one’s net worth. Even while $2 million could seem like a lot to some, it’s crucial to keep in mind that it’s only a preliminary estimate and that many other circumstances might affect one’s financial situation.

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